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Meet Dwight!

No he isn’t a Xolo!

He is a hairless Husky. A Embark DNA test confirmed it!

This kiddo has alopecia…and his hair will never grown back.

So, with that being said....he is a TRUE husky.

-He is vocal

-He pretends he doesn’t hear you.

-Likes to play keep away.

-Wants pets on his terms.

-And reactive on leash.

-He Is NOT an aggressive dog…as he has been in play groups with his trainer.

So he is basically a cat.

Dwight is one of the funniest animals we have ever had in our rescue. But he will require a husky experienced owner. He is not for the weak hearted.

He is currently receiving additional training and will come with (4) 1-1 sessions with his trainer and 16 group classes. The company is nationwide.

-Crate Trained.

-Potty Trained.

-Tells the best jokes!

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