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Meet Kirby! 

This little one has had a pretty rough start to life….but she doesn’t know it!

She ended up at the Austin animal shelter where she was initially adopted by a homeless individual. He may have had the right intentions, but unfortunately Kirby was constantly roaming the neighborhood because he wasn’t allowed to have pets in his halfway house.

Kirby is only 10 months old and missed out on true being a puppy and doing things puppies should be doing.

After we took her under our care, we confirmed with a neurologist that she does in fact have short spine syndrome…but it doesn’t affect her at all. She runs, plays, and is a happy normal puppy. 

We are scheduling a MRI/CT scan so that we can give adopters all information they need to continue her care moving forward.

She is great with dogs, just really jumpy and excitable….so any resident dog must be ok with that play style or be able to correct appropriately.

Kirby is crate trained, potty trained, and ready for her adventure with you!

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