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Lulu "Not So Lemon"

Lulu "Not So Lemon"
Lulu "Not So Lemon"

Meet Lulu!

She is a 12 week old Boxer/Pit Mix.

-Crate trained

-Almost potty trained

-Knows Sit, Place, Off, and workign on Down. 

We rescued her from the Dallas Animal Shelter after she was dropped off by her family. 

Lulu was having a hard time walking. After extensive testing with our neurologist, they believe she was just malnourished.

She has zero problems moving around now. She is a normal happy puppy .

She has received her first and second round of vaccines and is scheduled to be spayed in the next few weeks. Which is a require through our rescue. We will cover the cost of the spay and the last round of vaccines. 

She LOVESSSS playing with other pups, so we would like her to go to a home with a tolerant adult dog that will be patient with her energy.

She is one of the best puppies we have ever had in our rescue. Extremely intelligent. She is almost potty trained!

Lulu is currently with one of our trainers working on basic commands and crate training.

If this little gem has stolen your heart…please fill out an app so we can hop on a call!  

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