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Meet Monica!

She is a 5 month old, pitbull puppy that was dropped off at the Dallas animal shelter with her sister, Rachel, due to having a limb deformity.

Monica‘s deformity is not as severe as her sister. She has her front left paw that is slightly curled under, and is missing the large pads in all of her paws.

But believe us when we tell you, this does not slow her down at all. She still uses that front left paw and runs around like a little maniac.

Unfortunately, due to her age, she is not a candidate for orthopedic surgery just yet. Once she is fully grown, our rescue will get her seen by and orthopedic surgeon and will cover the cost of surgery if she is a candidate.

But in the meantime, we would love to get her into a loving home.

Monica is extremely playful and affectionate and loves being around other dogs. She would do great in a home with or without dogs.

We are still working on potty training. But she does very well in her crate.

If you’d love to hop on a call to chat about Monica, please fill out an adoption application.

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