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Remi Male 9 Week Old Shepherd Mix

Remi Male 9 Week Old Shepherd Mix
Remi Male 9 Week Old Shepherd Mix

Meet Remi!

He is a 9 week old shepherd mix that was left outside during our winter snow storm just a few weeks ago.

He was one of 6 siblngs that survived. Originally there was 15 puppies. But by the time our rescue was called, 9 had passed away.

We immediately got all of the babies vetted and thankfully the remaining ones were very healthy for the expception of worms in their bellies.

Since then, they have all been dewormed and given their set set of vaccines. Our rescue will cover the cost of the 2nd and 3rd round of vaccines along with their spay/neuter.

Unfornately we aren't 100% sure what they are mixed with but an Embark DNA was sent out last week and we should have results back in about 2 weeks.

Remi is currently in a foster home learning all sorts of things, potty training, crate training, basic commands,  and and how to play apporpriately with other pups.

He is extremely playful....and wants to play rough. If there is a resisdent pup in your home, they have to be able to correct apporpirately.  He is a ball of energy and will be an awesome adventure buddy!

If this little one sounds like the perfect addition to your family, please apply so we can hop on a call and chat!

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