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The Pawerful Rescue Nonprofit

Royse City, TX

Closed for intake!

Organization 501c3 Rescue

EIN 84-2002733

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You finally made the decision to add a member to your family! A best friend to make some amazing memories with! The idea of adopting can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many animals in need. Shelters and rescues alike, are all at full capacity. Every dog that is currently at the shelter or in the care of a rescue, was once “good for” someone at that particular point in time.

So how do you decide? Maybe you already have some prerequisites in mind?

Consider a few questions prior to starting any adoption process:
- Are there any breed/weight restrictions where I currently live?
- Does my homeowners insurance cover this breed?
- Is this breed or age a good fit for my daily routine/lifestyle?
- Will this animal still fit into my lifestyle 5-10 years from now?

Adopting an animal is a promise you are making to an animal. You promise to:
- Keep them safe.
- Provide them with the exercise and mental stimulation needed.
- Provide them with structure and training needed for their specific breed.
- Stick by their side even when it gets hard.

Whelp…that was some heavy stuff!

Once you’ve finished contemplating your existence, you can then apply to adopt.

Steps to Adoption:
1. Adoption application
2. 30 min phone call interview
3. In person/virtual home check
4. Schedule meet and greet
5. Start 10–30-day trial run
6. Proceed with adoption

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