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There are so many different types of ways you can help, not only our rescue, but others as well.

Two of the biggest ways to help is by fostering and donating. We completely understand if you are unable to do either at this time, so here are some ways you can still make an impact and help us save some lives!

Become a transporter:
We are currently looking for transporters with reliable cars that can help us get some kiddos out of the shelter or to vet appts when needed.

We sometimes seek the help of long-distance transporters. For example, San Diego to Los Angeles, CA or Austin to Dallas, TX.

Start or Host a Fundraiser:
Social media platforms have made it incredibly easy to start a fundraiser. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram allow you to create, set goals, and invite friends to your fundraiser. Whether it’s a birthday fundraiser or just another beautiful day, hosting your own fundraiser is fun and makes a huge impact!

Not only are you raising funds to help us save more lives, but you are bringing awareness to the rescue.

Host A Raffle:
We all have friends in the right places. Or maybe your friend’s friend has people in the right places.

Hosting your own raffle is also a ton of fun!

Reach out to companies that are willing to donate items or their services and raffle those babies off! It’s a win-win for everyone! Exposure for the company, exposure for the rescue, and you become even more awesome than you already are.

Volunteer Your Time:
Once our sanctuary is up and running, we will be looking for volunteers to help us walk, play, cuddle, and take our kiddos out on field trips. In the meantime, we currently need help with:
- Photography
- Grant Research & Writing
- Dog walkers

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The Pawerful Rescue Nonprofit

Royse City, TX

Closed for intake!

Organization 501c3 Rescue

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