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The Pawerful Rescue Nonprofit

Royse City, TX

Closed for intake!

Organization 501c3 Rescue

EIN 84-2002733

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We were notified about this baby by the Rescues Liaison at the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. She called and warned us about his condition prior to sending photos. It was one of the worst cases of neglect we had ever seen. Not only did Easton have Demodex, he was covered in lacerations and open wounds, as if he was attacked by another animal. He was hospitalized for weeks receiving daily treatment, cleaning, flushes, and changing his bandages. 


Once he was medically cleared, he went to his amazing foster home, where he learned to play like a puppy and trust humans again. Easton was in our care for months before he became available for adoption. There were so many families that were interested and who had followed his story from the very beginning. But it wasn’t until we met his current family, that we KNEW they were his people. He immediately bonded with his human little sister: almost as if they knew each other from another lifetime.

Easton is currently living his best life with the most amazing family! He goes on adventures, plays dress up with his sister, and occasionally sunbathes with his kitty sibling.


Our sweet boy Liam!

Liam, a 10-year-old pitty, was dropped off at the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter as a stray. His ear was almost completely torn off and was covered in new and old wounds, all of which were indicative of a bait dog. We visited him at the shelter and knew we couldn’t leave there without him. We immediately rushed him to the vet where he began his healing process.

At first, he was completely disconnected from us. He did not want affection. Nor, did he care if we were in his presence. After getting him home and situated, we noticed that he was deaf which helped make sense of his personality. Once finding his new comfy bed at home, he slept for days! It was the first time in his life that he felt safe and you could hear his snoring from a different room. After a few weeks of healing and decompressing, we got to meet Liam’s true personality…biggest cuddle bug. Weighing in at 80lbs, he just wanted to be on your lap!

Unfortunately, because of his history with other dogs, he was extremely anxious around them. He needed a home where he could be the king of the castle. Liam waited in our rescue for over a year, with no interest, despite his sweet personality with people. So, Liam became our first “sanctuary” dog. Meaning we decided that he just got to live out his days with us! He was at his furever home all along.

Liam passed away in Spring of 2021 knowing what security and love felt like.


Layla was a 9- to 10-year-old overbred, female pitty who spent her whole life making puppies for her owners. The type of neglect Layla had endured in her lifetime was unspeakable. Not only did she have ulcerated mammary tumors, but her whole body was covered in tumors. At one point we counted over 70 masses, inside and out. We removed a few masses that were causing her pain just to keep her comfortable, got her on medication, and showed her what love and compassion felt like.

Despite the life of neglect she lived at the hands of her previous family, she got to live out her days with us, slowly forgetting her past. Layla was only with us for a few months before her body decided she was tired. She crossed over the rainbow knowing that she was loved and adored!

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